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Our free home survey can include a thermal image report

Ask the experts – our free home survey is a chance to discover more about advanced solar power systems and the benefits of spray foam insulation

Let’s face it. There are many ways to become more energy efficient, save money and create a greener, more healthy home environment. Without the right information, it can be a confusing world to navigate and one which leaves you wondering what is the best eco-friendly solution for you and your family.

Here at Noreus, we can help. Ask us about our free home survey* today and find out how our range of environmentally friendly products can make a real difference to your property.

It’s your chance to discover more about the most up-to-date green solutions on the market, assess your home’s suitability for everything from solar panels for hot water to spray foam insulation, and feel confident in making an informed decision backed up by our expert know-how.   

Why choose Noreus?       

Every single property we visit is different – and so are the needs of the people who live there.

We never make a one-size fits all recommendation or try to sell products that don’t have the potential to make a real difference to your lifestyle.

Where one family may benefit from domestic solar panels to generate clean electricity and improve indoor air quality, another homeowner might want to cut household bills and improve general overall comfort with the installation of spray foam insulation.

We want our customers to ask us questions and make well-founded choices when it comes to the products we offer.

That’s why we are currently offering a free home survey for spray foam insulation, solar thermodynamic systems or solar aerovoltaic panels. To book an appointment or check availability, simply call us on 01782 756995 or request a call back online.

*Terms and conditions apply, subject to availability.  

Here’s how it works…

We’ll visit your home and carefully assess your current situation. We offer honest and transparent advice about the best solutions for your home and how we can help to achieve a more environmentally friendly property that you will continue to enjoy in the years to come.

You’ll walk away with your questions answered and a free, no obligation estimate. It’s your opportunity to discover more about:

Book your FREE home survey today by calling 01782 756995 or, if you would like to arrange a call back, simply fill in our form.


What our customers say

  • We are very pleased with the spray foam insulation system and have noticed big difference in the warmth of the house.

    Mr & Mrs A.A Wilmslow
  • The men worked very hard and did a good job. 10/10 for punctuality and cleanliness of the treatment team.

    Dr J. Stockport
  • .......... and since we only had mains electricity power laid on at the bungalow, our hot water had always cost us a fortune using the immersion heater.  The Solar Thermal system you installed - especially the twin cylinder layout - means that we don't waste any available power and the running costs of the system are minimal. And we have got hot water! Thank you also for installing the battery backup system to get us over power cuts that we get!
    Mr. and Mrs. T. C.  Lincolnshire


How long does spray foam insulation last?

Our Select Spray Foam comes with a 25 year warranty.

How is it different from other spray foams?

It maintains its performance levels and does not shrink, settle, crack or split into layers.

Can spray foam insulation be used in flat roofs?

Yes. Our technologically advanced spray foam insulation will even improve your flat roof by making it watertight and weather-proof.

Can I use spray foam in my listed building?

Spray foam insulation is a great solution for both new-builds and existing homes. However, before starting any work on a listed building, you should first seek the advice of your local conservation officer.

Do I need planning permission for a new roof?

You do not normally need planning permission for alterations including roofs and skylights. However, there are exceptions if you live in a listed building. We are always happy to help if you need advice so just give us a call on 01782 756995.

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