Energy efficient  Argon-filled windows  stop your home losing heat

Argon-filled glazed windows will save you money and heat

Did you know that 20% of heat escapes through windows? So if you want to dramatically reduce wasteful heat loss and save money, then you should consider Argon-filled double or triple glazed windows.

Here at Noreus we are used to helping homeowners across the Midlands and beyond to make sure their property is as energy efficient as possible.

That means keeping heat locked in your home for longer, so you don’t feel tempted to turn up the thermostat and face the worry of rising bills.

How argon-filled windows work

The gap between the two panes of glass used in double glazing can be filled with either air or, for superior noise reduction and energy efficiency, argon gas.

While air-filled double glazing can react with metal parts causing deterioration over a number of years, argon windows are a brilliantly long-lasting solution. What is more, high quality argon-filled window units are significantly better at combating condensation and stopping heat from escaping outside.

If you are tired of misted-up windows and it’s time for a replacement, this is the option for you. 

Alternatively, if you’re simply looking for environmentally-friendly ways to improve energy efficiency, then you don’t even have to replace your existing frames to still take advantage of this increasingly popular technology. We also supply and fit replacement Argon windows too.

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The benefits…

  • Keep heat locked in your home
  • Combat mould and condensation for a healthier home
  • Peace-of-mind guarantee
  • Save money on your energy bills
  • A long-lasting solution
  • Superior noise reduction
  • High quality finish from a tidy and professional team

What our customers say

  • We are very pleased with the spray foam insulation system and have noticed big difference in the warmth of the house.

    Mr & Mrs A.A Wilmslow
  • The men worked very hard and did a good job. 10/10 for punctuality and cleanliness of the treatment team.

    Dr J. Stockport
  • .......... and since we only had mains electricity power laid on at the bungalow, our hot water had always cost us a fortune using the immersion heater.  The Solar Thermal system you installed - especially the twin cylinder layout - means that we don't waste any available power and the running costs of the system are minimal. And we have got hot water! Thank you also for installing the battery backup system to get us over power cuts that we get!
    Mr. and Mrs. T. C.  Lincolnshire

Argon-filled windows FAQs

Is argon gas harmful if it leaks?

Definitely not! Argon it is an inert gas, which means it does not react with anything and will not hurt you if it leaks. It already makes up around 2% of the air we breathe anyway.

Will argon-filled windows block my view?

Argon gas is colourless and odourless so just by looking through the glass, you will not be able to tell the difference between a gas-filled and air-filled window.

Can I install energy efficient windows myself?

Even if you are competent at DIY, replacing any window is dangerous and potentially costly should accidents happen. All our windows are installed by a tidy and professional team according to precise manufacturer’s requirements. That way you can rest assured that your units will achieve maximum performance for years to come.

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