Generate your own home heating with our green-powered renewable solutions

Underfloor heating in a home in Staffordshire
Why not use green energy to heat your home?

Keeping your home warm doesn’t have to cost the earth

Harness the power of nature to keep your home warm. By ending your dependence on traditional gas or oil powered central heating and instead drawing on the free natural resources that surround all of us, not only will you cut your carbon footprint but significantly reduce your household bills too.


Why choose Noreus for renewable green heating

We provide homeowners with a range of highly efficient renewable heating systems that put our customers back in control.

From  air source heat pumps  which harvest heat from the air outside to  combi solar thermodynamic systems which use solar energy to heat a property and provide hot running water, we’ve got all your green heating needs covered.


A tailored solution for your home heating

Some of our systems, such as  solar thermal panels,  may even qualify for a Government-backed financial scheme called the Renewable Heat Incentive. Under the current scheme, certain renewable heating systems generate a quarterly payment for seven years.

If you’re not sure which solution is right for you, we’re happy to discuss your needs. We understand that every property is as individual as the people who live in it and our green home heating engineers have years of experience in providing tailored solutions that enable our customers to achieve a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Want to find out more? Call us on 01782 756995 to ask about any of our green heating systems or request a call back.

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Our green heating solutions…



An environmentally-friendly alternative to central heating, which can be used to heat a house, provide hot running water or power under-floor heating.


thermodynamic collector

Our combi thermodynamic solar system not only provides your home with hot water but can also be used as a highly effective renewable heating solution.


Underfloor heating in a home in Staffordshire

Energy efficient and cost-effective infrared heating keeps you warm and saves you money.

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