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A solar assisted heat pump or thermodynamic panel solar system consists of an aluminium collector which is fitted to your wall or roof, preferably south facing, and a unit which is installed in your cylinder cupboard or loft.

The thermodynamic panel absorbs heat from the atmosphere and the refrigerant fluid transforms into a gas. It moves to the thermodynamic unit which compresses it into hot fluid again, before going through a heat exchanger to heat the water in the nearby cylinder. The fluid then passes through a valve into the box where it returns to the outside collector, ready to begin the whole operation again.

  • Hot water from 90p a week
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Hot water 24/7 365 days a year – whatever the weather
  • Full guarantee
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Never overheats or freezes

This environmentally-friendly solution takes about a day to install and can reduce your domestic hot water energy bill up to 90%. The initial cost of the system is recovered within the first few years.

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Thermodynamic panel FAQs

How long will a thermodynamic system take to heat the water?

The thermodynamic system only comes into operation when the temperature of the water in store demands it.

Can I still get hot water when it’s a cloudy day with a thermodynamic system?

Yes, on cloudy days, and even at night, the thermodynamic system always ensures you have hot water.

Do I need to live in a particular area to benefit from solar assisted heat pumps?

No, it can be installed anywhere in the UK.

What if my roof needs repairing?

Our experienced and fully qualified roofers can repair your roof, ahead of the solar assisted heat pump system being installed.

How are thermodynamic panels different to solar thermal panels?

A solar thermal system heats water already inside a panel and does not work when there is no sun. Because the refrigerant enters the combi thermodynamic panel at a lower temperature than water, this system is able to work even during the winter and at night. The thermodynamic panel is placed on the roof, ground mounted or wall and ensures the continuing capture of energy from sunlight on cloudy and rainy days.

Do I need a south-facing roof for a Thermodynamics System?

A solar thermodynamic system does not rely on sunshine and instead works by absorbing heat from the atmosphere, come rain, wind or snow. For this reason, it is not necessary to place the panels facing south, but it is best not to have them north or north-west.

Do I need a new boiler and radiators for a Thermodynamic System?

No, a Thermodynamic Combi works with your existing system but we can always exchange steel radiators for aluminium and add underfloor heating system to your home.

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Just some of our Thermodynamic installations

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