Harness the weather and cut your water consumption with Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting

Capture free rainfall for a green and clean water supply

Harvest rainwater for use in the garden or even as part of your existing plumbing system. It’s green, clean and best of all, free to collect.

Thanks to an eco-friendly rainwater harvesting system from Noreus, you could cut your water consumption by up to 40%, reduce your household bills and live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

How rainwater harvesting works

Rainwater harvesting is not a new idea. In fact, collecting free rainwater for later use in the garden is an easy way to control over-consumption during the summer months, when outdoor water accounts for around half of all our water use.

Where a modern and brilliantly efficient rainwater harvesting system from Noreus is different to a conventional water butt is the fact that our solutions can safely collect, store and filter up to 6,500 litres of clean water.

It can even be plumbed into your existing pipes so that you can use it to flush your toilet and wash your clothes – and all without relying on the mains water supply.

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The benefits…

  • Can cut water consumption by up to 40%
  •  Free rainfall reduces reliance on mains water supply
  • Store water for later use in the garden during the summer months
  • Can plumb into existing pipework
  • Use for flushing toilets or washing clothes safely
  • Collects, filters and stores up to 6,500 litres of clean water

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