Insulate your flat roof for superior weather protection and a more comfortable home

An insulated green rubber roof on a home in Staffordshire

Create an energy saving home and cut bills with our one-stop shop for flat roof problems

If you have a flat roof and your property is of a certain age, it’s probably poorly insulated. What does this mean? In the winter, warm air escapes which leaves the room below the flat roof feeling cold and uncomfortable. This is when you may be tempted to turn the heating up and watch household bills spiral out of control.

Meanwhile, in the summer, because of a lack of inbuilt circulation and ventilation, the room underneath a flat roof may feel sticky and too hot.

There is a solution, thanks to a one-stop service for flat roofs from the experts at Noreus. We will insulate your flat roof for warmth AND protect against extreme weather with our environmentally friendly rubber membrane covering for superior durability.

How our insulated flat roofs work

Current building regulations state that any new or replacement flat roof must be properly insulated. So if you’re suffering from damp, leaks and cold it may be time to take action – before problems get even worse.

Our waterproof rubber roofing membrane is able to resist high and low temperatures, has a guarantee of 20 years and requires little or no maintenance once it is installed. What’s more, we make sure there is enough ventilation when applying our superior spray foam insulation so there’s no danger of the condensation or wood rot experienced when inferior insulating materials are used.

If you want to find out how brilliant next-generation spray foam insulation is, then take a look. It’s also what we use to insulate lofts, external walls and cavity walls.

The one-stop solution from Noreus is ideal for new and existing flat roofs. Why not incorporate your very own roof garden too? Our rubber membrane is highly resistant to punctures, making it the ideal choice for beautiful and eye-catching green roofing systems.

Want to find out more? Call us now on 01782 756995 to ask how our insulated flat roofs can cut your energy bills or request a call back.

Insulated flat roof benefits…

  • Ideal for new and existing flat roofs
  • Cut heating bills with superior spray foam insulation
  • Protect against high and low temperatures
  • Long-life waterproof membrane is resistant to punctures and tears
  • Rubber roof comes with a 20 year guarantee
  • An ideal choice for green roofing systems
  • Resistant to damaging micro-organisms
  • Eco friendly membrane has a limited environmental impact
  • Low maintenance

What our customers say

  • Did fantastic job would definitely recommend cleaned up all the mess and taken it away. Next door neighbors came round next day asking for their phone number. Came to do job no messing about got straight on with it very happy that's what you call good workmanship.

    Jan Stafford
  • Very professional and I would recommend them.

    Brian Market Drayton
  • Very hard-working and pleasant people. Roof looks really well finished and I am very happy with the job.

    Jane Leek

Insulated flat roof FAQs

Can spray foam be used to insulate my flat roof?

Absolutely. In fact, it should be a priority if you are about to replace your flat roof but it can also be retro-fitted to existing flat roofs too. Don’t forget that Noreus is a one-stop shop for all your roofing needs. To book a free survey, just give us a call on 01782 756995.  

What are the current building regulations for a flat roof?

If your flat roof is above a habitable room, then it must conform to good standards of insulation and condensation control. Fortunately, our all-in-one flat roof solution exceeds all current building requirements to offer superior insulation and protection against extreme weather.  

What is a green roof?

A green roof is first covered with a puncture resistant, waterproof rubber membrane and then planted with vegetation. It makes an attractive, environmentally friendly feature so if you would like to discover more, call Noreus on 01782 756995.

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