Turn your flat roof into a living garden

Green garden roof in Staffordshire

Transform your home with a green roof from Noreus

Create your own little corner of paradise with a green roof from the experts at Noreus.

An eco-friendly roof garden is not only eye-catchingly beautiful, but supports wildlife and, thanks to its natural insulating properties, helps to cut heating bills too. Don’t forget that if you’re thinking about using your garage roof or flat roof top, we can also apply an additional layer of spray foam insulation for added protection, warmth and comfort.

Here’s how green garden roofs work

A garden roof is easy to install and can be established on most reasonably flat buildings, making it an ideal solution for garages and flat roofs.

We will first assess your options and advise whether you are best to install an extensive roof, with a thin layer of soil and plants with shallow roots, or an intensive roof, with a deeper layer of soil that is able to support larger plants and even trees.

A waterproof membrane stops plant roots from damaging the existing roof while we take care to make sure any water will be distributed evenly and your property is able to take the weight of the new garden. You can also opt for an additional insulating layer using our superior spray foam insulation to ensure the room below remains warm and cosy in the colder winter months by cutting heat loss by up to 98%.

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The benefits…

  • Cuts carbon footprint
  • Absorbs harmful pollutants so can promote a healthier home
  • Creates a habitat for animals and insects
  • Natural soundproofing
  • May reduce heating bills
  • Aesthetic improvement

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