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How to save £240 a year on your heating costs

With many householders worried about the soaring cost of keeping their homes warm there is one simple way to help reduce the bills. Many pet lovers when they go out leave their heating on just for their cats and dogs.  But that could add up to £240 a year to their annual heating bills, said [...]

Success is in the bag as 10p levy helps green battle

Charging for plastic bags is proving a big success in the fight to reduce pollution, says Midlands green energy expert Ron Fox.  He was commenting after the latest government statistics showed that shoppers had cut the number of their single-use plastic bags by another fifth since the charge [...]

Home too hot? Cool it down by insulating the building

With the heatwave this summer many people will be surprised to know that one way to keep their home cool is by having it insulated. “It’s a common misconception that insulation helps only during the winter,” said Midlands green energy expert Ron Fox. “But spray foam is effective throughout the [...]

Urgent climate action needed after record temperatures

Last week’s record temperatures in the UK have shown that urgent action is needed to tackle climate change, says a Midlands green energy expert. After Britain’s hottest day last Tuesday when thermometers topped 40C for the first time ever, it proved the earth is getting dangerously warmer as [...]

Beavers’ dam good show and other unusual stories

As we are already more than halfway through 2022, now is a good time to look back at this year’s strange but true green stories. Midlands green energy expert Ron Fox, of Noreus Ltd on the University of Keele Science Innovation Park, picks his five favourite environmental tales. 1 Beavers [...]

Good heavens! A green pledge in a baptism service

Children are never too young to make promises to protect our green environment says Midlands green energy expert Ron Fox on hearing of a change to the church christening service.  Baptisms and confirmations in the Diocese of Oxford, which includes 808 churches, will now add a question asking: [...]

Let’s wipe out plastic wet wipes from our beaches

With many packing their cases ready to go away this summer holidaymakers have been warned about a growing environment problem and a risk to public health. Although there are some biodegradable wet wipes there are still millions of wet wipes containing plastic that are flushed down toilets and [...]

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