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Green energy expert Ron Fox meets the Cabinet

Green energy expert Ron Fox took his message to the very top when he spoke to members of the Government while they were on an away day last Thursday in Stoke-on-Trent.  Ministers swapped Westminster for Middleport Pottery where they held a regional Cabinet meeting as “a prime example of [...]

New GCSE in how to save the planet gets full marks

News of a GCSE in natural history being launched to help save the planet has been welcomed by a Midlands green energy expert. “We need people of all ages to learn how to cut the world’s carbon footprint and beginning this education at school is ideal,” said Ron Fox. The new subject, announced [...]

Missed opportunity in government’s new energy strategy

The government’s new energy strategy announced this month was another golden opportunity missed in the battle against climate change. “Although there were some good ideas on offshore wind farms, solar panels and heat pumps to ensure up to 95 per cent of the UK’s electricity could come from [...]

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