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New infrared heating panels can cut home energy bills

With cooler weather this autumn many are putting the heating back on in their homes and are wondering how to cut their bills in lockdown. One possible answer, said Midlands green energy expert Ron Fox, is to install infrared panel heaters which can cut energy costs by up to 70 per cent. “These [...]

Welcome for 60mph speed limit on m-ways

A move to cut the speed limit to 60mph on certain sections of the motorways at the end of this month has been welcomed by a green energy expert. “It is a necessary experiment to reduce vehicle emissions and improve our roadside air quality in badly polluted areas,” said Ron Fox of Noreus Ltd. [...]

Councils’ innovative way to fund green projects

A council scheme to persuade small investors to help fund green projects is very innovative, says a Midlands green energy expert. “They will be able to support projects in their own communities to fight climate change for as little as £5,” said Ron Fox of Noreus Ltd on the University of Keele [...]

Increasing plastic bag price to 10p is welcomed

Doubling the price of plastic shopping bags to 10p next April is a step in the right direction, says a Midlands green energy expert. Ron Fox was commenting on a Government decision to also extend the move to all shops, including takeaways, markets and airport duty-free stores. Previously, [...]

Dig in and support plan to plant tiny urban forests

Communities should support a project to plant 150 tiny forests the size of a tennis court in urban areas across the UK in the next three years to help tackle climate change. “This is a great initiative giving people the chance to help cut their local carbon footprint,” said Midlands energy [...]

More oil companies ‘should go green like BP’

Oil companies should follow the example of BP which has announced plans to invest billions of pounds into developing green energy. That’s the view of Midland expert Ron Fox who said he was very encouraged that the oil giant would now be building wind and solar farms and installing thousands of [...]

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