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Why was energy efficiency missing from the Budget?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer’s budget statement last Wednesday was very disappointing as there was little about green energy and nothing about energy efficiency, said Midlands expert Ron Fox. “Unlike the US and the EU which have committed billions to moving away from the old energy of fossil [...]

Millions of customers may need a new smart meter

Millions of customers with a smart meter will soon have to get a new one installed, warned a Midlands green energy expert. Ron Fox was commenting on a recent report from the parliamentary accounts committee which said around seven million smart meters – out of a total of 32.4 million that have [...]

Green boost with Remembrance red poppies now plastic free

This year’s Remembrance red poppies have had a green makeover and are now plastic free “It is a very good move,” said Midlands energy expert Ron Fox, “so people can now wear this poignant symbol which will have less impact on the environment.” After three years of planning the Royal British [...]

15 tips to avoid dampness in your home

Last week I wrote about the causes and effects of dampness in the home. This week I am going to offer 15 tips about what householders can do about this problem, said Midlands green energy expert Ron Fox. 1 Try to maintain a constant temperature in rooms where the heating is turned off over the [...]

Autumn is here – and with it the problems of damp

Tis the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness – and the problems of damp. “Although autumn can be a lovely time of the year, it can also be a frustrating time for householders,” said Midlands green energy expert Ron Fox. He said figures from the English Housing Survey showed that four per [...]

Sheep’s wool is most natural insulation ‘baa’ none

For people who want to insulate a building one of the most natural and sustainable ways is to use sheep’s wool. “It may sound a surprising solution,” said green energy expert Ron Fox, “but it is a cost effective, flexible and safe option. “When you think about it, wool is naturally designed to [...]

Noreus Ltd is shortlisted for top award

Noreus Ltd is one of four finalists in a top competition organised by Keele University. Owner Ron Fox said he was delighted his company had been honoured in the sustainable futures section, one of ten categories in the 2023 Breaking the Mould awards. His firm is one of four finalists in this [...]

COP 28 Dubai: How MENA is working towards carbon neutral

Next month, COP 28 will take place in Dubai. The international conference will mark the halfway point from the initial Paris Agreement seven years ago to 2030, the target date for reducing the world’s carbon emissions by 43%. ‘It is interesting to see how oil-dependent economies in the Middle [...]

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