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Teenage climate activist “is inspirational”

The Swedish teenage climate activist who is embarrassing British and European political leaders into action is inspirational, said Midlands green energy expert Ron. He was speaking after 16-year-old Greta Thunberg spent her Easter holidays addressing MPs at Westminster, meeting MEPs at an [...]

Light pollution reducing starry skies at night

Only two per cent of the UK’s population were able to gaze at a truly dark sky full of stars because of light pollution in our towns and cities, compared to four per cent four years ago. A total of 57 per cent struggled to count 10 or fewer celestial bodies while many in major […]

Get into gear for your electric car now

It is estimated that there will be 13 million electric vehicles on the UK roads within 18 months. As more drivers switch from petrol and diesel vehicles the problem will be how and where to charge an electric car or hybrid vehicle. “What they want is maximum convenience and cost-effectiveness – [...]

Learning to save the planet starts in the classroom

Four students who have launched a petition to make teaching on climate change compulsory in schools have won backing from a Midlands green energy expert. “As the young generation will be ones most affected by the threats to our planet, so they need to be taught early on how to cut their carbon [...]

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