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We’re halfway there to being carbon neutral by 2050

A “tremendous achievement is how a Midlands green energy expert described last week’s announcement that Britain is already at the halfway point in its 60-year goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. “It’s great news,” said Ron Fox, “but we mustn’t take our foot off the gas as these figures are [...]

Can you name these nine everyday recycling logos?

Three in five shoppers were baffled by these nine common recycling symbols on supermarket items. In a recent poll of 2,300 British people conducted by 61 per cent of them said they did not know what these green logos found on everyday store packages meant. “It is staggering [...]

Blow for households with double whammy in April

More than 11 million households face a “worrying double whammy” in April, warns a Midlands energy expert. Gas and electricity customers will see their bills increase by up to 9 per cent or £96 a year as the price cap is raised at the same time as the government’s Covid-related support scheme is [...]

Many green householders missing out on money back offer

Many green energy users are missing an opportunity to make money out of their investment. “The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is a government initiative little known by consumers and is overseen by the independent regulator, Ofgem,” said Midlands expert Ron Fox. “Basically, it is a bonus paid per [...]

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