Run your very own power plant with a home fuel cell from Noreus

Electric car charging

Cheap green electricity for your home and car

For 100% power self-sufficiency, choose a home fuel cell from Noreus. Not only will you take control over your electricity production (even when there is no sun or wind) but thanks to our low-carbon hydrogen technology, the only emission produced from the system is water vapour. So, it’s good for the planet too.

Creating energy security for the future, our fuel cell works 365 days a year – day and night. Use it to power your home, the appliances within it and even as a charging point for your electric car. What’s more, the heat released during the process of green electricity production can be recycled as a reliable source of heating and hot water.


How does a fuel cell work?

Fuel cells convert hydrogen and oxygen into water, through a chemical reaction that creates electricity. Each fuel cell has a positive electrode (the anode) and a negative electrode (the cathode), which is separated by an electrolyte barrier.

The fuel, or hydrogen, goes to the anode, while the oxygen moves towards the cathode. When the two meet at the electrolyte barrier, this causes a reaction as electrodes split and an electric current is created.

Meanwhile, any excess electricity that is generated can either be sent back to the Grid or stored for later use. It’s even possible to manage and monitor energy consumption at the touch of a button.

To discuss how a fuel cell can benefit your home or business, get in touch with the Noreus team and we’ll arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

The benefits of fuel cells…

  • 100% power sustainability
  • Complete independence from energy networks providing peace-of-mind protection for now and the future
  • Low-carbon technology (the only emission is water vapour)
  • Freedom from rising electricity bills
  • Works all year-round, day and night
  • Generates power for your home, appliances and electric car
  • Heat from the system can be used for underfloor heating, central heating and hot water
  • Guaranteed for up to 20 years
  • Hassle-free functionality
  • Manage and monitor electricity consumption through the My CHi-electricity app

FAQs about fuel cells

Is a fuel cell noisy?

No. At less than <47 db (A), fuel cells are quieter than a standard freezer or refrigerator.


Is a fuel cell big and cumbersome?

Despite all the benefits it offers, a fuel cell is surprisingly compact. Its dimensions are 101 cm (H) x 60 cm (W) x 66 cm (D).

How often will my fuel cell need to be serviced?

A service interval of 12 months is recommended, and fuel cell guarantees last up to 20 years.

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