Say hello to a revolution in home energy and comfort with our solar aerovoltaic panels

Solar Aerovoltaic panel

Enjoy clean energy and a healthier, greener home with the world’s most powerful solar panel. A solar aerovoltaic panel is a solution that ticks all the boxes.  

Unlock the power of renewable technology with a single, multi-purpose installation. For the first time, solar aerovoltaic technology allows the capture of the sun to generate electricity, heat or cool the home AND ensure indoor air quality is fresh and pure.  

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How our solar aerovoltaic panels work

Our double-sided solar aerovoltaic panels are truly revolutionary.

How? Well, the front of the panel harnesses the sun’s rays to generate electricity – just like a standard photovoltaic panel. Here’s where it gets even more clever. The back of the aerovoltaic panel captures heat from the atmosphere, where it is filtered through our ventilation and energy management module before being used to heat the home and purify the air inside it.

It’s effective even on cloudy days and at night. That’s because the solar aerovoltaic system works by absorbing atmospheric energy, not direct sunlight. This allows you to enjoy the many money-saving benefits of renewable technology all year round, whatever the weather.  

Traditional solar photovoltaic panels lose around 60% of the sun’s energy that is available to it. In a standard unit, this heat was lost – that is, until the development of an aerovoltaic panel that recovers the solar energy which would otherwise be wasted and using it to regulate the temperature inside a building.  

And that’s not all.

In the hot summer months, your aerovoltaic unit can be switched to ‘reverse’ using a clever thermostat – providing you with cool, fresh air and a more comfortable night’s sleep.

What’s more, our solar ventilation by aeration system filters a steady supply of fresh air throughout your property, improving indoor air quality for greater health and wellbeing.

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Do you want to save money on your household bills and live a greener life?

Based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire / Cheshire and operating across the UK

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The benefits of solar aerovoltaic panels…

  • Multi-purpose installation
  • Take control of all your household utilities – including hot water
  • Create electricity AND heat your home
  • Save up to 50% on heating bills
  • Perfect temperature control
  • Stay warm at night and cool in summer
  • Ensures a steady supply of fresh, clean air
  • Low maintenance and full manufacturer’s guarantee

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