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Living green is living clean

Our homes deserve the best. After all, it is the place we spend the most time in. Away from work and travel, it’s our sanctuary. It’s where we sleep, relax and raise our families.

However, these buildings we call home aren’t always the healthiest places to be. Older properties often lack adequate energy efficiency measures. Meanwhile, poor ventilation and air flow means that our indoor environment can become a trap for potentially health-damaging pollutants.


Here’s how Noreus can help to create a healthier home

Our vision is to make a customer’s home the very best version it can possibly be.

Not only do we provide money-saving solutions to improve energy efficiency, but our environmentally-friendly products often have the added benefit of supporting a healthier home.


We think holistically

We always think about the bigger picture. For instance when we apply spray foam insulation, we’ll ensure a property remains breathable by looking carefully at air flow and installing filters if necessary.

Then there is our advanced solar aerovoltaic system. Not only does this brilliantly innovative solution provide a source of green electricity, but it also works as a filter to purify the air inside a building.   

To ask about any of our products or to ask us for a quote, simply get in touch on 01782 756995 or request a call back online. 

Our range of services include:

  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Ventilation for homes and business to ensure the flow of fresh, healthy air
  • Green heating solutions (to provide perfect temperature control in the home)
  • Argon-filled windows
  • Energy-efficiency measures including spray foam insulation
  • Solar aerovoltaic systems

Here’s a little more on our solutions for a healthier home…

Indoor air quality testing

Family in home

Take control of your family’s wellbeing. Noreus can test for a range of indoor pollutants including VOCs, smoke and combustion gases.  

Solar aerovoltaics


Our next generation, multi-purpose solar panel cleverly harnesses the power of the sun to provide green electricity AND improved indoor air quality.

Healthy insulation

Spray foam loft insulation

Not only is our superior spray foam insulation designed for optimal energy efficiency, but our expert team makes sure your property remains breathable and well ventilated too.

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