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Keep your heating in your home with our insulation installations

Home Insulation for warmth and energy efficiency

Ever asked yourself why you need to keep the heating on full-blast in the cold winter months? Worried that if you do, you’ll be hit in the pocket? We know that high utility bills can be a real concern. Our knowledgeable team is based at Keele University Science Park in Staffordshire, and we have a wealth of experience helping local people and further afield to insulate their property, keep out the chill and save money too.

Why insulate your home?

  • Creates a warm and cosy home environment – no more draughts and chills
  • Preventing heat loss means saving money on energy bills
  • Improve your energy efficiency
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature all year round – protecting your property against heat in the summer and cold in the winter

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Here’s a little more about our insulation services…


thermal imaging report on home
Keep the heat you've paid for in your home

Our expert team can advise you where your home is losing heat and therefore, why your heating bills are so high. Up to a third of all heat is lost through uninsulated cavity walls. With proper cavity insulation, you can reduce energy loss and save money.


external wall insulation
Wrap up your home with external wall insulation

If you live in an older building, post-war pre-fabricated home or a non-traditional property such as a timber or steel framed house, then you can benefit from external wall insulation. With our designed-for-the-Arctic system, we can help you to feel warmer and more comfortable in your own property.


Spray foam insulation in a loft space
Transform your loft with Spray Foam Insulation

Insulating a loft or roof is a great way to stop wasteful heat loss and reduce your energy bills. Thanks to our years of experience and trusted reputation, we can advise you on the best solution for your home, all while taking into careful consideration the age, condition and structure of your property, alongside healthy air flow and ventilation.

Not sure which insulation is right for you?

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