Deluxe Cavity wall insulation

How it works…

Our Deluxe Cavity Wall Insulation produces a seamless insulating layer with no joins or gaps, which reduces energy loss and makes for a more comfortable home.

If you have a house that was built after the 1920s, then you will probably have cavity walls – a wall made up of two layers with a gap, or cavity, in between. If no insulation has been built into this space, then you can expect around a third of your heat to escape through the walls.

The team at Noreus will fill that gap with our superior foam insulation material. By keeping the heat you generate locked in your home, you will feel warmer and save money on your household bills too.

What is more, by air sealing your home, it can help block pollutants and reduce the dangers of respiratory distress.

If you have an older property with solid external walls, take a look what Noreus can do for you and your home.

The benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation…
  • Prolongs the life of your home
  • Significantly improves the energy rating of your home
  • Reduces energy loss & consumption
  • Minimises pollutants
  • Water-tight, reliable insulation
  • A more comfortable, draught-free home

The insulation system minimises heat loss, unwanted air leakage or air infiltration and can be used in new timber framed walls, masonry cavity walls, refurbished masonry cavity walls and hard to treat masonry walls. Homeowners who invest in this solution reduce their heat loss by up to 98%, resulting in a warmer and more comfortable home that is also healthier and better protected.

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What our customers say

  • As we only have electricity supply to the new flat I was pleased to find out about thermodynamics. I am impressed with the technology and would recommend Noreus for the whole experience.
    Mr S. Northumberland

Deluxe Cavity wall insulation FAQs

Does it affect the structure of my home?

Only in a positive way. It forms a rigid and robust layer of insulation that improves the construction and life of your home.

How does it fill the cavity and will it fill hard to treat cavity walls?

The liquid insulation fills the inaccessible and curved areas of the cavity.

Does it prolong the life of the building?

The Select Foam Insulation is rigid and robust and has been proven to improve the construction and life of the building.

How thick does the insulating layer need to be?

Our product has an extremely low thermal conductivity, which means that it can achieve maximum results for minimum thickness and expands to fill the wall void.

How do I know if I have solid or cavity walls?

If your property was built after the 1920s, you may have cavity walls. You can also check by measuring the width of the wall – anything less than 260mm is likely to be a solid wall.

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