Large warehouse that can use Infrared heaters.
Warehouses large and small can use Infrared heaters as a cost effective heat source.

Save money and energy with infrared heating for business

Where there is a need to heat large spaces and move away from the expense and waste of conventional convection technology, infrared heating systems are a great choice.

Warehouses, factories, gyms and stables can reduce costs and save energy by harnessing the power of radiant heating. Meanwhile, infrared panels will benefit those smaller commercial spaces such as shops and offices looking for a combination of reduced spend and aesthetic appeal.

Our extensive range of UK manufactured infrared panels and heaters are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and even changeable designs.


How infrared heating saves money

Infrared waves are part of the natural light spectrum, but without the skin-damaging ultraviolet radiation.

A convection system uses a heating source to heat up the air around it. This hot air expands and rises but is pulled back down by the surrounding cooler air. A process of heating, rising and cooling creates a convection current which gradually warms a room. However, the larger the space, the longer it takes to heat.

Infrared works differently. An infrared wave keeps travelling until it hits an object and it is only then that it produces a sensation of instant, radiant warmth.

Rather than warming up empty space (while you keep adjusting the controls and watching your money disappear), with infrared heating, there is very little waste.


Infrared heating systems – great for difficult to heat spaces

With a wide choice of infrared heaters and panels, our solutions not only save energy but can be adapted to many different environments.

Our high-quality, low-maintenance infrared systems can be seen in warehouses, factories, stables, offices, shops, churches and gyms, with a source of safe, focused heat that reduces waste and targets problematic cold spots.

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Benefits of Infrared heating

  • Infrared heating doesn’t waste energy by heating up unused space 
  • Great for warehouses, factories, gyms, stables and churches
  • Aesthetically appealing, changeable designs   
  • Uses less energy than convection heating
  • No energy loss through unsightly central heating pipes
  • Instant heat
  • No noise
  • Easy to install and zero maintenance
  • Wall or ceiling mounted
  • Ideal for large or small commercial heating projects
Norues supplies heating solutions for churches
Infrared heaters can be a great heating solution for churches

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