Alternative to LPG heating  with Energy efficient green heating to put you back in control

Choose Noreus for a renewable alternative to LPG heating

Are you one of the many people across the country who are off-grid and use liquid petroleum gas (LPG) to power your central heating?

  • Are you frustrated at the fluctuating price of LPG?
  • Is ordering LPG for delivery and storage inconvenient?
  • Are you worried about your carbon footprint?

If the answer to any (or all) of these questions is ‘yes’ then a green heating system installed by Noreus may be exactly what you’re looking for to find an alternative to LPG.


Why choose a green heating alternative to LPG?

By harnessing the power of nature to provide your home with hot running water or heat your radiators, you’ll be firmly back in control.

Whether it’s solar thermal panels, combi thermodynamic systems or an air source heat pump you’ll create a future-proof solution that means you never have to worry about the possibility of rising prices or booking a delivery again. What’s more, our expertly installed heating systems require minimal maintenance for long-lasting peace-of-mind.  

We also offer infrared heating for homes and businesses. This is a cost-effective and energy-efficient method of keeping a property warm and cosy, with very little waste. It uses your existing electricity supply and removes the need for traditional radiators.

Insulate your property for maximum efficiency

If you decide on an alternative to LPG heating, you’ll still need to think about the bigger picture. Without proper insulation, your property will waste heat and energy. When warmth is allowed to escape through the walls and roof, your new heating system will not be able to reach maximum efficiency.

That’s why we’ll always look at how well insulated your property is as part of our recommendations. We can install insulation alongside your new heating system and we’ll be happy to advise you on the best ways to optimise performance.


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Want to find out more about an alternative to LPG heating?

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