Underfloor heating

For an ultra-efficient hot water and underfloor heating solution, our Aquapura heat pumps offer exceptional performance

How Aquapura Heat Pumps work

A cooling liquid is pumped into an outdoor heat exchanger, where it absorbs heat from the atmosphere. It is here that the liquid turns into a gas and is then transferred into a mechanical compressor (don’t worry though – it’s quietly efficient and totally state-of-the-art). The compressor makes the temperature go up because of increased pressure and a second indoor heat exchanger transfers the heat to water in the cylinder.

The result? Hot water at 55°C – the perfect temperature for running the taps in your bathroom and kitchen. Even better is the fact that it will work in cold weather so you can enjoy lovely hot running water come rain or shine.

It can also work to heat your home – and is the ideal solution if you are thinking about installing underfloor heating.

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Discover more about our solar thermal and combi solar thermodynamics systems.

The benefits…

  • Quiet running but high performance
  • Saves energy and cuts bills
  • Produces water temperatures of 55C even during the winter
  • Easy-to-use electronic controller
  • Low maintenance
  • Anti-Legionella cycle for peace-of-mind
  • Improves the energy classification of your home
  • Can dehumidify and or cool down the laundry room.
  • Cuts the carbon footprint of your property
  • Completely silent running
  • Coefficient of Proficiency COP max of 4 according to EN255

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What our customers say

  • We are very pleased with the spray foam insulation system and have noticed big difference in the warmth of the house.

    Mr & Mrs A.A Wilmslow
  • The men worked very hard and did a good job. 10/10 for punctuality and cleanliness of the treatment team.

    Dr J. Stockport
  • .......... and since we only had mains electricity power laid on at the bungalow, our hot water had always cost us a fortune using the immersion heater.  The Solar Thermal system you installed - especially the twin cylinder layout - means that we don't waste any available power and the running costs of the system are minimal. And we have got hot water! Thank you also for installing the battery backup system to get us over power cuts that we get!
    Mr. and Mrs. T. C.  Lincolnshire

Aquapura Heat Pump FAQs

How is a Aquapura heat pump powered?

An Aquapura heat pump is powered by electricity but uses less electrical energy than it produces heat so it is a highly efficient system to run.

Can an Aquapura heat pump improve the energy efficiency of the building?

The system can improve the classification of the energy efficiency of the building.

Aquapura heat pumps work brilliantly and reduce the hot water heating time.

Is it true an Aquapura heat pump can be used as an air conditioning system in the summer?

Yes. In warmer temperatures, our heat pumps can be used in reverse – to provide lovely cool air throughout your home.

What is the Coefficient of Proficiency COP?

The Coefficient of Proficiency COP is a scientific measure of the ratio between energy used in the system to heat produced.

A high COP above 1 represents a high efficiency. The high COP according to EN255 of an Aquapura system is 4! How good is that!

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