Mould on a rental home window.

Improve indoor air quality and create a healthier home

Are you worried about streaming windows, musty smells or black mould? Are these problems affecting your health? 

If this sounds familiar, then your home may be under ventilated.  

It’s not surprising when you consider that the average family of four produces around 17 pints of water every day just through regular activities. 

The problem is that when this excess moisture builds up, it becomes a breeding ground for allergen causing dust mites – which isn’t great news for your wellbeing. 


Here’s how ventilation from Noreus works

A ventilation solution from Noreus offers a whole-house system to remove excess moisture, treating the air throughout and protecting you and your family.

Regularly circulating fresh, healthy air using a low-cost, low-noise pump ensures that stale air is not allowed to rest and accumulate. Keeping a home well-ventilated kills the conditions that dust mites and mould spores would otherwise thrive on. 


Benefits of choosing a ventilation system from Noreus

  • Tackle the causes of damp and condensation 
  • Combat harmful pollutants 
  • Fight visible signs of condensation including streaming windows, musty smells and black mould 
  • Eco-energy, low-noise systems with low running costs
  • Sleek and discreet designs 
  • Ideal for homeowners and landlords

To request a free quotation for a ventilation solution from Noreus, complete our contact form or call 01785 330749.    

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