Top five tips to get your home ready for the colder weather

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CHECKING the gutters and looking out for missing tiles should be top of any homeowners’ to-do list this autumn – before temperatures get any colder.

Taking advantage of the slightly warmer temperatures now is a really good idea, before winter truly sets in.

Heavy rain or snowfall can make any existing problems worse so it’s best to sort them out while you have the opportunity.

With this in mind, we’re sharing our five essential tasks for making it through the colder winter months.

Clean out the gutters

Overflowing guttering and excess water can quickly result in damp and therefore cause potential damage to brickwork. While some people prefer to wait until after all the leaves have fallen, it’s still definitely best to clear away any obstructions and debris before winter begins.

Check your roof

Look out for missing roof and ridge tiles and check any lead flashing around the chimney. Roofs can quickly deteriorate in colder weather so it’s important to regularly inspect for damage.

Did you know that, as well as loft insulation, we’ll make any roof repairs necessary too? This is a really useful service as there is no point in looking at insulation without making sure your roof is in good shape first.

Sort out draughts

If you’re happy with the outside of your property, then it’s time to make sure the inside of your home is as energy efficient as possible.

Invest in a draught-excluder and check around your windows and doors for any gaps. If it’s time for a replacement, take a look at argon filled windows for greater energy efficiency.

Service your heating system

Having no central heating when the weather is at its worst can be avoided by making sure your boiler is serviced. Think about taking out boiler cover to protect against costly repairs should your boiler break down. It may also be a good time to think about renewable alternatives to traditional gas or oil powered central heating, such as thermodynamic systems, which use atmospheric heat to warm the home.

Insulate your property

Insulating your loft with a high quality insulation material such as spray foam could save up to 45% on your heating bills.

Investing in spray foam insulation now will pay for itself many times over. Not only this, but your home will be a warmer, more comfortable and welcoming place to be when it’s cold outside.

For more information about spray foam insulation, call 0845 474 6641 or click here to request a call back.

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