Can pollution reduce the value of a property?

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Buyers looking for property in congested areas are becoming increasingly concerned about pollution and in the future, homes for sale may have to display traffic light style warnings informing people about surrounding air quality.
According to one recent report, poor air quality can reduce the value of a home by up to 15 per cent.
Buyers are becoming much more savvy and want to know how pollution may affect them if they commit to moving into a home which is in a low air quality area.
Some experts think it won’t be long before estate agents have to display information about pollution, alongside energy efficiency ratings when marketing a property.

Pollution levels

Earlier this year air pollution levels in London surpassed those of Beijing while the World Health Organisation (WHO) is urging governments across the globe to take urgent action against environmental risks to health and wellbeing.
For anyone concerned about pollution levels, we’d advise researching products such as insulation, ventilation systems and filters, which ensure a steady supply of fresh, clean air inside the home.
Having a well-insulated property can offer some protection from external pollutants, but make sure any insulation measures use a superior quality material such as spray foam.
This sets solidly to form an airtight seal, whereas inferior insulating material can shrink and drop over time, causing gaps and allowing pollution from outside to seep into the home.
It’s definitely something to think about if, for example, you live next to traffic lights where cars stop and rev their engines.

Indoor air quality

Of course we should be able to close the doors and windows to whatever is outside but what happens when unhealthy, stale air is trapped indoors?
The Noreus team can test indoor air quality and look at air flow, and if necessary, install filters and improved ventilation to support a healthier indoor environment.

To discover more about indoor air quality testing or spray foam insulation call 01782 756995 or click here to request a call back.

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