Even a 17th century house can go green

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Ian and Marian Horsburgh have taken advantage of 21st century green technology to reduce the running costs on their 17th century house.

The couple have put 18 solar panels on their garage roof and insulated their home with a spray foam, two moves which have both cut their energy bills.

“It has made a definite improvement giving us a warmer house and at a cheaper price,” said Ian who ran the Vauxhall franchise in Northwich, Cheshire, before selling the business in 2004.

“Being such an old house there was no cavity wall insulation except in the dining room extension so it was quite expensive to heat it,” he added.

Now their home in Cuddington, Cheshire, where they have lived for the last 25 years, is more energy efficient after the couple had the Icynene system installed.

This is a non-toxic 100 per cent, water blown, soft spray insulation that forms an air-tight seal in the home and reduces heating bills by up to 50 per cent as it literally stops heat going up through the roof.  

It has particularly helped Marian, who had turned an upstairs room and former minstrel gallery with sloping room into an office.

“It is so pleasant and warm working there now,” said the former private secretary who does book-keeping and accounts for one of her daughters who is a physiotherapist.

With two acres of garden and a large garage the couple decided to put the solar panels on the outbuilding rather than clutter up their roof.

As energy expert Ron Fox, of Noreus Ltd in Stafford who installed both green systems, said the advantages were that the panels would be away from the main house, the inverter could be put in the garage and an underground cable could take the power to the laundry room and not intrude on their garden.

“We are really pleased with both systems,” said Ian, who enjoys playing golf and holidaying abroad now he has retired.

“We thought it would take ten years to get the money back on our £14,000 green investment, but now it could be as soon as seven and a half years.

“On top of that,” he added, “we are getting a far better return than if we had put the money in a bank with its low interest rates.”

For more details about green technology call Ron on 0845 474 6641 or request a call back.

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