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It is estimated that there will be 13 million electric vehicles on the UK roads within 18 months.

As more drivers switch from petrol and diesel vehicles the problem will be how and where to charge an electric car or hybrid vehicle.

“What they want is maximum convenience and cost-effectiveness – and we can provide that,” said Midlands green energy expert Ron Fox.

“The ideal solution is an electric vehicle charging point at home, as it provides a handy, within-reach fuel stop right on the doorstep for both private motorists and businesses,” said Ron of Noreus Ltd on the University of Keele Science Innovation Park ( 

He said that it was cost-effective, convenient and safe and, thanks to an Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), there’s a grant of up to £500 towards installing a home charging point.

“Our charging points are compatible with all types of plug-in car,” he added, “as well as being compact, weather-proof and available in two power rating options – 3kW or 7kW. Drivers can also choose to use a tethered lead or their vehicle’s own charging cable.”

Ron said there were also many benefits for businesses having electric charging points. As well as helping their organisation to cut their carbon footprint they also provided a valuable service for visitors and employees and help attract new customers.

“Plus,” he said, “there is a pay-as-you-charge pricing, affordable leasing options and corporate branding available, as well as being eligible for Government funding.”

Another big benefit of moving to electric cars is reducing toxic air pollution, which causes respiratory diseases and increases the risks of heart attacks, strokes and cancer.

Latest figures showed that the UK breached the air quality limit in 1,750 places across the UK with some roads having three times the permitted levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The high levels of air pollution was blamed on dirty air sweeping in from the continent and from traffic, particularly diesel vehicles.

In the West Midlands the number of locations breaching the 40 micrograms of NO2 per cubic metre limit was 218 while the figure in Wales was 92.

Ministers have ordered 45 councils to draw up plans to reduce air pollution, but so far only a handful of cities, including Birmingham and Bath, are planning to tax polluting cars.

Another study in The Lancet Planetary Health showed that Britain was the worst in Europe for air pollution causing child asthma with tens of thousands of youngsters developing the disease every year because of traffic fumes.

“These figures are disgraceful,” said Ron, “and they show that air pollution, which used to be thought of as an issue affecting only the biggest cities, is now affecting small towns all over the country.

“This move over to electric cars cannot come soon enough,” he concluded.

To find out more about electric vehicle charging points contact Ron on 0845 474 6641 or 078171 26945 or go to

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