‘Great news’ as our carbon emissions are lowest for 132 years

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Among all the gloomy news in the last week from coronavirus, flooding and the collapse of Flybe there was one very encouraging positive story.

Britain’s carbon emissions are at the lowest levels since 1888, according to analysis by the Carbon Brief website. Last year the figure dropped to 354 million tonnes of CO2, just above the 1887 level of 352 million tonnes. 

Emissions fell last year for the seventh consecutive year by 2.9 per cent and this period from 2013 is the record for the longest continuous annual reduction.

The website said the 2019 figures were the lowest for 132 years, apart from 1893, 1921 and 1926 when there were strikes by coal miners and other workers.

“These statistics are extremely encouraging,” said Ron Fox, of Noreus Ltd on the University of Keele Science and Innovation Park, “and they show that all the UK’s work in reducing the carbon footprint is beginning to pay off.”

Since 2010 the UK has cut emissions faster in the last ten years than any other major world economy.

The reduction was helped by a 29 per cent drop in the use of coal, the most polluting fossil fuel.

“To show what a huge change there has been,” added Ron, “seven years ago in 2013 coal was the biggest source of energy.  Last year it accounted for just two per cent.”

Emissions from gas have fallen by a fifth in ten years and oil by just six per cent, partly because of the demand for petrol and diesel.

The energy and climate change website said that government projections, based on their present policies, would fall by another ten per cent over the next ten years. 

“Although that is great news,” said Ron, “those figures will still be well short of the 31 per cent additional drop in cutting emissions needed to meet the UK’s agreed targets.

“It shows that our battle to cut our carbon footprint is still a work in progress and more needs to be done. 

Politicians in all the major economies must set an example by implementing more green policies,” he added.

“But individuals and local groups must also play their part by switching from carbon fuels to green energy and using free sunlight, as well as insulating their rooms better with spray foam to cut heat loss and reduce energy bills.”

For more information about green energy and cutting energy bills call Ron on 0845 474 6641. 

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