My 12 green New Year resolutions for householders

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With world temperatures in 2020 set to be the second warmest year on record the latest figures take the world one step closer to the limits stipulated by the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change agreed by 196 countries.

Many may think the problem is up to governments to solve, but Midlands energy expert Ron Fox said there’s a lot individuals can do to cut their carbon footprint.

After his five New Year green suggestions in blogs this month for politicians he now gives his 12 resolutions for householders. 

Do your homework: Begin with a home energy audit to find out what needs doing and how to improve the energy efficiency of your building. The Department of Energy provides guides or contact Ron on 01782 756995 at Noreus Ltd on the University of Keele Science and Innovation Park in North Staffordshire for advice. 

Cut your energy bills: Insulating your home will not only save up to 45 per on your gas and electricity payment, but will ensure your home is warmer and will help cut carbon emissions. For a free consultation contact Ron.  

Put a brake on car trips: Walk, cycle or take the bus or train and leave your car at home. You will get some exercise as well as reducing carbon emissions.

Hang your washing out to dry: Tumble dryers use 15 per cent of domestic energy and emit 54.72 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually in the USA alone. So, if possible, hang out the washing to dry naturally.

Go electric: If you are thinking of swapping your car this year make it an electric one and cut your CO2 output.

What a waste: Don’t leave lights on in empty rooms or have electronic devices such as TV and computers on standby overnight. Close your curtains in the evening to keep the energy in the room. Finally fit thermostatic controls to heating appliances and use LED lights.

No idling: Turn off your car engine when parked so you don’t pollute the air as well as waste energy. 

In the bag: Keep some reusable bags in your car so you don’t forget them when you go shopping.

Powerful move: Use reusable batteries instead of traditional batteries. Around 3 billion batteries are thrown away each year. Rechargeable batteries can save money in the long term and reduce pollution in the environment.

Grow your own fruit and veg: Rent an allotment or to start small, cultivate herbs on a windowsill. The growing, transportation, packaging and cooking of food account for up to 30 per cent of the UK’s carbon footprint.

Going to waste: Food thrown away is an enormous contributor to climate change. Instead store or freeze uneaten food for future meals.

Cleaning up: Ditch the toxic chemical cleaning products that are harmful to your family and the planet and go instead for green ones.

“If you want any advice on reducing your energy bills contact me on 01782 756995. Finally have a green and happy New Year,” said Ron.

 Caption: Steer away from car trips and instead walk, cycle or take the bus or train and leave your car at home when you can.

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