Rooftop solar technology offers a total home solution

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RAPID advances in technology means that electricity, hot water and central heating can all be created from rooftop solar panels.

Different types of solar panel have different uses – solar PV panels provide electricity, while solar thermal or solar thermodynamic panels can be used for hot water and central heating.

Now the latest development in solar technology means that one multi-functional panel can potentially provide all household utilities. 

Aerovoltaic panels actually combine existing solar thermal and solar photovoltaic technology to provide electricity, hot water and heating.

Solar PV panels are brilliant for creating electricity, but much of the heat that is generated as a result of collecting solar energy is wasted. An aerovoltaic panel captures the heat (that would otherwise be wasted) and puts it to good use by providing hot water and central heating – and all through one single installation.

Because of these advances, it means that whatever property you live in and whatever your needs, there is a renewable option for you.

It’s all about using the sun’s rays – which are free – to optimal effect and finding the very best solution for your home.

To ask about solar technology for electricity, hot water or heating, call the Noreus team on 01782 756995 or click here to request a call back.

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