Cost of solar panels drops as more people turn to green energy

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AS MORE people are waking up to the benefits of green technology, the cost of solar panels is falling.

The average price for a solar system in 2011, was £11,329, while today it typically starts from around £5,000.

Here at Noreus, we’re even able to offer a 4kW solar photovoltaic system for £4,800 including VAT.

A 4kW system comprises of around 16 solar collector panels and is able to generate clean electricity for a typical family of four.

By creating electricity, people are no longer reliant on energy companies and can make big savings on their household bills.

What’s more, it qualifies for the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT), a Government-backed payment designed to encourage people to invest in renewable technology.

On top of this payment, if you don’t use all the electricity you generate, you can sell any surplus back to the Grid.

The FIT pays out for every unit of electricity produced, which means that anyone who has invested in a solar PV system will usually receive 4.39p per kWh.

Plus, if you take into consideration that it can cut an average electricity bill by 40% and generate an additional income too, it represents a significant return on investment.

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