Solar battery storage is a ‘game changer’ for home energy

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SOLAR battery storage could be a ‘game changer’ for energy consumers.

The Solar Trade Association is calling on the Government to look at opportunities for better energy storage if the UK is to meet its commitment on cutting carbon emissions.

The organisation, which works to promote the benefits of solar to domestic and commercial users, argues that a de-centralised, more flexible energy network, coupled with greater investment in the renewable sector, will be increasingly important in the future development of a low-carbon energy system.

In a recent report, it suggests that new domestic solar installations should include storage – following the lead of Germany, where 41% of systems in 2015 were bundled together with an option to store any energy collected for later use.

Benefits of solar battery storage

There are many attractive benefits to using battery storage alongside solar panels.

For a start, it essentially helps you to save up the energy you create for use when you need it. For instance, if you’ve installed solar panels for electricity, whatever you don’t use up during the day, you can use in the night.

This ensures that you’re making the most of your solar system and gaining energy independence. Having control over your own electricity production is attractive for those who are concerned about ever rising electricity retail prices and potential blackouts in the future.

Storage systems aren’t only open to new installations either. It is possible to retrofit batteries to older solar systems, and more people are finding it an attractive addition to their existing installations.

Many homeowners are also becoming more interested in creating ‘smart’ homes where energy production and use is all controlled through the cloud.

Energy storage, combined with solar power, could play a vital role in the creation of smart homes.

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