Use solar power to go green in 2017

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GOING green for the New Year not only helps to protect the planet but has significant money-saving benefits too.

The cost of renewable technology is now more affordable than ever – and we’re predicting more people will invest in environmentally-friendly solutions such as solar power in 2017.

Solar panels were once considered out of reach and only seen on a few houses. However, the cost of installation has fallen dramatically, which means that more people are investing in the technology and realising the long-term advantages of solar power for electricity and heating.

One million homes

The Solar Trade Association (STA) estimates that around one million homes in the UK have now invested in solar technology.

Based on figures released by the Department of Energy & Climate Change, there are 800,000 properties with solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, which harness the power of the sun to generate electricity.

Meanwhile, the STA states a further quarter of a million homeowners are currently enjoying the benefits of rooftop solar thermal panels to provide hot water.

Financial incentives

Many people are additionally attracted by the availability of Government-backed financial incentives designed to encourage the uptake of renewable technologies.

Solar PV systems qualify for a scheme called the Feed-In-Tariff which pays out for every green unit of electricity produced. People can also make extra income by selling any surplus electricity they don’t use back to the Grid.

There is also a bonus on offer for those who invest in solar thermal technology. The Renewable Heat Incentive gives a quarterly payment for seven years for all qualifying systems.

There were concerns that it was going to be scrapped, but the Government has decided to continue to include solar thermal in the scheme.

Tomorrow’s technology, today

Rooftop solar technology continues to advance all the time. We now offer a multi-purpose solar aerovoltaic panel which not only generates green electricity, but can also be used to warm water and regulate indoor air temperature.

The front of the panel harnesses the sun’s rays to generate electricity – just like a standard photovoltaic panel. The back of the aerovoltaic panel captures heat from the atmosphere, where it is filtered through a ventilation and energy management module before being used to heat the home and purify the air inside it.

It really does provide tomorrow’s technology today and is just one option for anyone thinking about how they can go green in 2017.

To discover more about solar panels for electricity or hot water, call 0845 474 6641 or click here to request a call back.

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