Sustainable Fashion – Why it is Ever so Important to Shop Vintage

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The waste statistics are in and it is clear to see the impact the fashion industry (valued at 3 trillion dollars) is having on the world.

Behind oil, the clothing and textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world.

While steps have been taken in recycling other everyday materials like plastic, paper, tin etc, the recycling of textiles has taken a back seat.

With 95% of clothes that end up in the landfill being perfectly recyclable, the question arises why more action isn’t being done.

The importance of the individual to reject the ‘quick fashion fix,’ that is perhaps so deep in our current culture, and choose to shop vintage, has never been more important.

And with multiple sites and shops like Etsy and Ebay; this option has never been more accessible.

Etsy Shop, Rarify is one of the stores that offers a solution to this problem. Based in Staffordshire, Rarify sells one of a kind vintage pieces that have been hand picked locally.

Rarify specialise in bold and retro shirts and pride themselves on offering items that are durable and versatile; therefore able to withstand the test of time and the forever changing trends of fashion.

Founder Lucy Goodstadt encourages people to think twice before buying a clothing item new from a chainstore. She says ‘there are so many cool vintage items available online, that are not only a great way to reduce the fashion waste, but also tend to be cheaper and better quality than those bought new’

Shopping vintage, with stores like Rarify, are the first steps in building a more sustainable fashion industry and to begin reducing the amount of waste that is so dangerously polluting the planet.

For more information on how to shop sustainably contact Lucy via Etsy at

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