Swedish teenager activist should be honoured 

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Greta ThunbergSwedish teenage activist Greta Thunberg should be made Time Magazine Person of the Year for putting climate change at the top of the world agenda in 2019.

That’s the view of Midlands green energy expert Ron Fox who said the 16-year-old had helped organise the largest ever protest on the threat to the environment in which thousands took part all over the UK and millions more in 150 countries.

Greta, who had sailed from Plymouth to New York on a “zero carbon” yacht, had marched with protesters across Lower Manhattan.

A few days later she went to the climate summit where she had been invited by the UN secretary general, Antonio Guterres, to address world leaders.

There she accused politicians of “stealing her childhood” because they had failed to implement the drastic cuts in carbon emissions that scientists say are necessary to save the planet.

“Greta is a courageous and dedicated person who has done most to influence world events in 2019 and so deserves this year’s annual prestigious award given by the American news magazine,” said Ron.

Prince Harry has also backed Greta Thunberg’s protests saying the world was losing the fight against climate change.

It is just over a year ago that the Swedish teenager skipped school to begin her weekly protests outside her country’s parliament.

A surprised Greta said she had no idea that this would grow so quickly into a global youth movement.

In an angry and tearful speech to the UN she accused them of “stealing her dreams with their empty words” and that they were “evil” if they failed to take urgent action.

Ron, of Noreus Ltd on the University of Keele Science and Innovation Park, said: “Politicians round the world must heed these protests and take steps to cut our carbon footprint.”

He added: “Theresa May was right to commit Britain to a goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Now the government must come up with policies to deliver this pledge.” 

Already Germany has responded by adopting a 54 million Euro programme to cut greenhouse gas emissions after criticism that it was not doing enough. This included a CO2 pricing system for transport and heating sectors, greater incentives to buy electric cars and billions more for the railways and higher road tolls for lorries.

However, Ron said action also needed to be taken urgently about the uncontrollable forest fires which have broken out in areas as diverse as Siberia, Alaska, Australia and Brazil.

Forests not only help soak up carbon emissions but also polluted air increases the risk of respiratory and cardiovascular disease in humans. 

Although world politicians must implement these big changes, he said people must also play their part by moving to green energy and using free sunlight, such as by installing solar panels and solar assisted heat pumps, as well as insulating their rooms with spray foam to cut heat loss and reduce energy bills.

For more information about green energy call Ron on 0845 474 6641.

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