10 tips to save money and get your home ready for winter

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With the clocks going back at the end of this month on Sunday October 29, now is the time to check your home is ready for winter says Midlands energy expert Ron Fox.

He warned householders not to wait until heavy rain nor the first snowfall before finding out if there are problem as it will not only be more difficult, but it could also be less effective.

Ron, of Noreus Ltd on the University of Keele Science Innovation Park, gave these top ten tips to save money.

Going through the roof: Check that there are no cracked and damaged tiles nor split and corroded lead flashing, particularly around the chimney. This could lead to leaks. If you see discoloured patches, for example any black or green areas, this may be algae which can eat away at the roof. Also look out for any sagging on the ridges or in the centre of the roof. Ron said the easiest and safest way is to hire an expert with a drone and a thermal imaging camera.

Seeing the light: Also look at the roof from the attic. If daylight can be seen through the tiles this needs checking. One solution is to put foam in the loft. This forms an air-tight seal and can reduce heating bills by up to 50 per cent.

Branching out: Don’t forget to check that the rainwater downpipes are clear of any obstructions and clean out the gutters. Also cut back or remove all dangerous tree branches and potentially problematic shrubs overhanging any part of the roof.

Stop the leaks: Ensure there’s no leaks and draughts from doors and windows. An easy way to check is to use a lighted candle and if it flickers then replace the seals.

Bleeding radiators: Bleed your radiators and check the boiler is in good working order for the winter by getting an expert to give it an annual check-up now.

Look after your pipes: Insulating, or lagging your pipes can reduce the loss of heating and also prevent them freezing and bursting during cold weather. Keep the heating above 4 degrees Centigrade even when you are away from your property.

Safety first: Test home devices, such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, to see that they are working and don’t need new batteries.

Coming clean: Replace old filters and clean the inside compartment of humidifiers. Use vinegar which is cheap and effective.

Snuggle down: Switching duvets with a higher ‘tog’ rating can give a better night’s sleep and cut gas and electricity bills.

Curtains to heat loss: Use heavily lined curtains which can prevent draughts and the amount of heat lost through windows.

Ron said any householders unsure or worried about any problems should get a professional company, such as Noreus Ltd, to carry out a thorough and free inspection.

“Preventative maintenance now will save money on expensive emergency repairs and wasted energy later,” he said.

For more advice on winter warmth and green energy contact Ron on 01782 756995.


Caption:  Winter service: Ensure the boiler is in good working order for the colder nights by having an expert check it now.

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