Act now to avoid price increase on solar panels

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AN EXPECTED manufacturer’s price increase at the end of the month could see the cost of certain solar panels rise.

Some makers of solar thermodynamic panels will potentially raise the cost towards the end of November.

If anyone is interested in installing solar thermodynamics, now is the time to act.

How does solar thermodynamics work?

Solar thermodynamics works by absorbing heat from the atmosphere and using it to warm a refrigerant which in turn is used to provide a home’s hot water.

It is highly efficient, can meet nearly all a home’s hot water energy needs and is not reliant on direct sunlight to work.

Because a refrigerant is used rather than water inside a panel, as is the case with solar thermal panels, solar thermodynamics can actually continue to work very well at lower temperatures.

It functions 365 days a year, providing hot water through the taps during rain and snow.

Take advantage of our special offer

As an added incentive, we’re currently offering a £1,000 discount which brings the standard retail cost of a solar thermodynamic system down from £4,900 to £3,900 plus VAT – but only until the end of November or until stocks last.

Our advice is that if you would like to invest in solar thermodynamics, to do so sooner rather than later.

To take advantage of the special offer or to discover more about solar thermodynamic systems, call 01782 756995

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