Tap into Mother Nature and cut your water-heating bill

 In Thermodynamics

Could thermodynamic systems be the future of cost savings in the hospitality, leisure and care industry? When the highest running costs include staff and catering, which are necessary, perhaps energy usage is the next big saver – especially in the provision of hot water.


The ambiguous period

In turbulent times of rising living costs, taxation levels and general economic uncertainty, it’s time for businesses to take control of the costs they are able to manage with renewable energy solutions.

Renewable energy technology has been around for some time but it’s only in the past decade that homeowners and businesses have started to embrace the benefits such solutions offer. Whether part of the trepidation to implement sustainable solutions has been down to initial cost, equipment availability, skills shortage or lack of knowledge, there has also been an underlying belief that ‘it’s too good to be true’.

Well, it is true – and it’s more prevalent now than ever.


Thermodynamic panels for the leisure industry

A recent case study at Hideout Hotel in Hull proves the green energy potential in energy and maintenance cost savings with two separate Hyrax thermodynamic systems.

Commissioned in June 2017, 80 thermodynamic panels assembled on the roof of the hotel provide hot water for:

  • Underfloor heating throughout the entire hotel via a 1000 litre buffer cylinder
  • Domestic Hot Water via a 2500 litre cylinder


Hot water day and night, 365 days of the year

Hot water can be powered by the elements of nature from as little as 90 pence per week.

Harvesting atmospheric heat or solar energy as an efficient source for hot water systems is environmentally friendly and ideal for businesses characterised by multiple occupancy, high volume catering and staff levels, and 24/7 operation.

Even the manufacturing industry and those operating machinery can harness the heat generated from the atmosphere to produce hot water. It is realistic to anticipate savings of up to three quarters of current bills – businesses could pocket £1000s.

Utilising outdoor thermodynamic aluminum panels, atmospheric energy is harvested from the sun, wind, air, and even rain. This energy is transferred to an indoor pump compressor and pressurised cylinder, converting a liquid into a gas and then back into a liquid again. The whole process works a little like reversing the operation of a fridge – reverse thermodynamic refrigeration technology. The result is hot water when you need it for showers and bathing, kitchen equipment and under-floor heating – even the swimming pool and spa area if needed.


Thermodynamic systems – snow, rain, hail or shine

Thermodynamic panels absorb energy from the atmosphere from temperatures as low as -5c (in some cases -20c) so there’s no need for hot climates and blazing sunshine for the system to operate.

It’s easy to regulate water temperature and volume and has the added advantage of being able to guard against waterborne diseases such as Legionnaires’. Systems have even been known to soften hard water supplies.

No oil, immersion heater or gas backup is needed and outdoor panels can be fitted to north, east, south or west facing roofs, even walls. Installation is less disruptive as no ground source heat pumps are needed and little downtime required to fit indoor components.

Components of a thermodynamic system never overheat, freeze or require defrost cycles and offer a great alternative solution to back burners and stoves. This saves both maintenance costs and annual inspection charges.


How about hot water in abundance?

The cost of a thermodynamic solution can be recuperated within a few years, at which stage businesses are in complete control of their energy expenditure.

Atmospheric energy is incessant and will never be subject to rising fuel costs or taxation.

Tap into Mother Nature, harness green energy, and cut your water-heating bill – call 0845 474 6641 or click here to discover more about renewable heating systems.

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