How to heat a conservatory in winter

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Having the extra space in which to entertain and relax is an attractive idea for many homeowners but as the weather gets colder, exactly how to heat a conservatory in winter becomes a pressing question (and one we’re often asked at Noreus). With this in mind, we’ve put together some top tips and ideas to keep you cosy and stop those energy bills from spiralling – even when the temperature outside takes a tumble.


Insulate for warmth

Older conservatories typically offer very little in the way of insulation. Therefore, the heat you do create (whether you choose an electric heater on the wall or an underfloor heating solution) is likely to simply seep out from uninsulated walls and ceilings. It’s a drain, and when a room feels so cold, you might be tempted to shut the door and leave it unused during the winter months.

Choosing to insulate a conservatory with a high quality material such as spray foam will ‘lock in’ heat, cutting down on energy loss and making the space feel much more inviting.


Minimise draughts

The fact remains that glass is not as effective as brick when it comes to keeping in heat. However,  making sure windows and doors in a conservatory are sealed properly is one way to cut down on wasteful energy loss. In addition, heavy drapes and blinds can also create a protective ‘blanket’ of warmth, which can help to limit the amount of heat escaping from a room.

If you’re planning a refurbishment or a new conservatory, you could also think about argon-filled double or triple-glazed windows for superior energy efficiency and increased retention of heat.


How to heat a conservatory the environmentally-friendly way

There’s no doubt that conservatory heating in winter is a challenge. However, choose the right solution and you’ll soon discover that the room will continue to be used and enjoyed throughout the year.

You may want to think about an air source heat pump, which works well with an underfloor heating system, and offers perfect temperature control 365 days a year. In the summer, it can even be used ‘in reverse’ for a ready-made air conditioning unit that cools instead.

If you would like to discover more and talk to us about the best way to heat a conservatory, contact us on 0845 474 6641 or request a call back.   

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