How does an infrared heating system work?

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How does an infrared heating system work?

An infrared heating system is different to a conventional boiler and radiator combination central heating system and over recent years, it is an option that has grown in popularity. This is partly thanks to the fact that it can be combined with other green solutions such as solar panels as homeowners look for more cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to keep a property warm.


Convection heating explained

Convection heating powered by radiators works by warming up the air around it. The problem is that as hot air expands and rises, the air at the lower part of a room cools. Cold spots begin to emerge as the cycle is repeated.

Instead of heating surrounding air, infrared heating travels from the heat source and provides warmth only when it hits the surface of an object. It is completely safe and by eliminating the heating and cooling cycle – as well as only warming the surface of an object, rather than the surrounding air – it cuts down the amount of energy that’s needed. Less energy means lower running costs.

Unlike traditional electric heaters, less electricity is used with an infrared heater because it works on the principle of (safe) radiation, not convection.


Further advantages of an infrared heating system

Because infrared heating runs on (a small amount of) electricity, there is no need for complicated pipework. In addition, the ability to maximise space, while creating a clean, modern look is certainly appealing – infrared heaters can even be designed to look like paintings or mirrors.

An infrared heating system can be integrated with solar panels – making it an ideal choice for those who wish to explore self-sufficient, onsite energy production.


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