Top tips for soundproofing your home

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Home should be a sanctuary and a place where we can rest and relax. Unfortunately, for many of us, living next to a noisy neighbour, construction site or busy road can mean that our properties are anything but quiet and peaceful. In fact, in certain circumstances noise pollution becomes not just an annoyance but a serious problem that has been linked to a reduction in mental and physical wellbeing. With this in mind, we’ve put together some top tips on soundproofing your home.


How does soundproofing work?

Sound is a form of energy made by vibrations. It travels in waves, forcing the air around it and the object it eventually reaches to also vibrate. Soundproofing works by putting up a barrier, to dampen and absorb this sound energy as it travels.

People install soundproofing for any number of reasons. Living next to heavy traffic or a loud neighbour is enough to disrupt a good night’s sleep, and therefore there is an understandable need to reduce the level of sound coming in from external sources. Musicians may also wish for greater privacy and install soundproofing to cut the amount of noise that can be heard from outside.


Check for gaps

Fix holes in external walls and make sure the seals around windows and doors are not broken. Even small gaps can allow sound energy to pass through. You may even wish to consider Argon double or triple glazing for superior noise absorption (and it comes with the added bonus of improving energy efficiency).

Think about using heavy material when choosing your curtains and opt for thick carpeting and rugs. It’s surprising how effective this simple measure is when it comes to absorbing sound.


Spray foam insulation for soundproofing

Insulating your ceilings, floors and walls with spray foam can also provide a noise-cancelling barrier which dampens sound as it enters or leaves a property. It sets solidly, with no tiny gaps, so is also ideal for keeping a property warm and cosy and improving energy efficiency.

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