Here’s one way to save time and money if you’re a landlord – stay on top of maintenance issues

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It’s more important than ever before for landlords to keep their properties in top condition.
The introduction of the three per cent stamp duty surcharge, changes to the wear-and-tear allowance and restrictions on mortgage relief have all hit the pockets of buy-to-let landlords.
So if a buy-to-let is to be profitable, landlords need to be savvy when it comes to minimising their costs, not only to keep their tenants happy, but to avoid a relatively minor issue turning into a more serious problem later on.

Buy-to-let challenges

Being a buy-to-let landlord has become more challenging but there are still many benefits to owning an investment property, such as the rental income it brings.
If you deal promptly with repairs, you will protect your investment and keep your tenants happy. Contented tenants will be more likely to stay for longer and take care of the property, which is great news for you.

Don’t ignore maintenance issues

In order to detect issues early, landlords should carry out a maintenance check-up once a year.
Don’t ignore problems because they won’t go away. In fact, they’re likely to get worse.
If a tenant reports an issue, or if you spot something yourself, make sure you fix it straight away. Dripping taps, blocked gutters and loose roof tiles can turn into much larger problems if not dealt with as soon as possible.
Protecting the structural integrity of a property is also crucial if landlords want to avoid problems that could leave a big dent in their finances.
One of the ways of achieving this is through the application of spray foam insulation, which should always be carried out by a professional.

Benefits of spray foam insulation

A lot of people don’t realise how many benefits there are with good quality spray foam insulation:

  • Spray foam insulation provides a strong barrier against the cold and damp, and it can be used in new buildings and existing homes.
  • Not only will your property be warmer, but it will make sure your property is as energy efficient as possible.
  • It’s perfect for cavity walls and for making sure roofs are weather-proof, and it dramatically reduces noise pollution.
  • Plus, because spray foam insulation sets solidly, there is no shrinkage and dropping over time – a real problem with inferior insulating materials.

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