Could you enjoy the benefits of flexible working with a home office?

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More employees than ever before are enjoying the benefits of flexible working practices and setting up an office at home.
What’s more, homeowners struggling for space have plenty of options for creating a professional working environment.

Where can you set up a home office?

Lofts and garages make ideal spaces.
While not all lofts are suitable for conversion, it’s an option to at least explore before committing to a costly house move to either be closer to your workplace or to create an extra room.
Working from home comes with some notorious drawbacks, not least of which is the presence of distractions such as the washing up or other household chores.
That’s why it’s so important to create a separate office where you can have all the advantages of being a home worker – such as cutting out the daily commute – but also ensure a clear division between professional and domestic life.

Make your home office energy efficient

Anyone who is considering converting the loft or garage should make sure that no shortcuts are taken when it comes to energy efficiency.
Insulate your garage or loft conversion with spray foam, which is a high quality insulating material.
Not only will this create a warm and comfortable working environment, but by stopping up to 92% of heat loss, you won’t have to worry about a rise in heating bills just because you’ve set up a new home office.
In addition, good insulation should prevent damp and mould becoming a problem. This is something to carefully consider – especially if you’re using expensive computer equipment which may become damaged over time.

For more information about spray foam insulation, loft or garage conversions, call 01782 756995 or click here to request a call back.

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