Here’s how to protect your home against flooding this winter

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AROUND five million homes around the UK – or one in six – are at risk from flooding, while the number of exposed properties is also likely to increase because of climate change and extreme weather.
Although the statistics are shocking, there are measures that homeowners can take in order to protect themselves.

Check your insurance

A good place to start is your home insurance. Are you covered in the event of your home being flooded? Or perhaps you’ve already suffered from flooding and are struggling to find affordable insurance for the future.
A helping hand is offered thanks to Flood Re, launched to help households in flood risk areas find affordable home insurance. The scheme is a joint initiative by the Government and insurers.

Make your home flood resistant

There are various measures you can take to help keep flood water out of your home. After all, the longer you can keep water out, the more time you will have to move your belongings to a safe place.

Flood-resistant products include air brick covers, which reduce the likelihood of water entering your home. You can choose from automatic covers, which get to work when flood water rises, or ones that need to be fitted by hand when a flood is expected.

Reduce the impact

As well as making your home resistant to flood water, you can also limit the damage a flood may cause to your property and its contents. Putting in place flood resilience measures will make your home easier to clean and dry out should flood water find its way into the building.

Use water-resilient plaster or lay plasterboard horizontally, so you only have to replace the bottom strip. Other steps to consider include raising electric sockets and attaching your television to a wall.

Clever storage

Think about where you can store photographs and precious keepsakes safely. It’s a good idea to keep valuable items on high shelves, to keep them away from flood water.
If you’re struggling to create extra storage space in your home, you could think about using your loft. If you’re going to do that, make sure it is well insulated using a high-quality insulating material such as spray foam.

Cavity wall insulation

If left unprotected, flood water can enter cavity walls and cause serious damage, which is why we recommend using closed-cell materials when insulating your home.
One of the benefits of closed-cell cavity wall insulation is that it will help resist the passage of water through the wall. Plus, the insulation will remain in working order after the flood water has gone.

To ask about cavity wall insulation or creating storage space in the loft, call 01782 756995 or click here to request a call back.

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