Reduce energy bills could by £270 a year

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LOCAL householders’ power bills could be reduced by an average of £270 a year, according to top scientist Nick Eyre, professor of energy at the University of Oxford and the leading author of a government-funded research on heating efficiency.
Among the findings of the UK Energy Research Centre is that people could save hundreds of pounds each year by installing better insulation, upgrading boilers and using more efficient appliances.
The professor and his team said the energy wasted in British homes is the equivalent to the output of six nuclear power stations the size of Hinckley Point C, which is being built in Somerset.
He also suggested that the government should consider targets for housing efficiency similar to the ban on new petrol and diesel cars.
In a more controversial move the scientists suggested that the most effective measure would be to ban people from selling poorly insulated homes until the buildings reached a certain level of efficiency.
In response to the report the government is expected to publish its Clean Growth plan in the next few weeks.
The scientists were supported by Midlands energy expert Ron Fox who said more must be done to encourage householders to insulate their homes better.
Ron, of Noreus Ltd, said there were three vital areas residents needed to insulate – the loft, inside walls and the outside walls as this can cut energy bills by up to 45 per cent and make a home warmer and more comfortable.
“As a quarter of a home’s heat is lost through the loft space if it’s not insulated, our spray foam is perfect for roof, attic insulation and cavity walls because of its great sealing capability,” said Ron.
“And before any foam is applied our technicians will check the roof and will repair damaged or leaking chimney flashing and fix any slipping, broken or missing tiles,” he added.
“Also if people constantly need to turn the heating up and live in an older home with solid external walls or with narrow cavity walls, or a post-war prefabricated home or a non-traditional property, such as a timber or steel framed house, then they should seriously consider our superior foam insulation, along with protective render or cladding,” said Ron.
“The unrivalled sealing technology offered by our foam insulation, which is designed for Arctic conditions, provides a robust barrier against damp, noise and pollution.”
Any residents wanting advice on green energy should call Ron on 0845 474 6641 or request a call back.

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