Where should I insulate a home for maximum energy efficiency?

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High quality insulation can reduce bills and make any home environment feel more inviting – but where should you insulate a home as an absolute priority in order to make a property more energy efficient all year round?

Insulate a home’s loft or roof

According to The Energy Saving Trust, around a quarter of a home’s heat is lost through an uninsulated roof. Insulating a loft, attic or flat roof is therefore an effective way to prevent heat from escaping and cuts down on energy costs.

Make sure you use high quality insulation materials such as spray foam, which sets solidly and forms an airtight barrier. Inferior insulating materials sometimes work like a sponge, absorbing moisture and making problems such as damp and mould even worse. Choose a reputable installer who takes ventilation and breathability into account too.

External wall insulation and cavity wall insulation

Around a third of heat from an uninsulated home escapes through the walls. While most properties built after the 1990s have insulated walls, this doesn’t necessarily mean all modern homes provide optimal energy efficiency.

Many modern houses with cavity walls feature inferior insulation material which over time can shrink and drop, leaving cold spots. Cavity wall insulation stops heat from escaping through the walls, storing warmth and reducing wasteful heat loss.

Spray foam insulation, which is the material we recommend at Noreus, fills all gaps and stops 98 per cent of heat from being transferred to the outside, meaning heat is locked in and so there’s no need to have the central heating on constantly.

Older properties with solid walls, with no ‘gap’ or cavity, can also benefit from insulation, either from the inside or by fixing a layer of insulation to the outside of a home, which is then covered by a protective render.

Floor insulation

Insulating floor boards on the ground floor could save around £40 a year, while insulating rooms above unheated spaces such as a garage, may also save money.

Remember that insulation isn’t just about saving money but creating a welcoming environment. It can cut down noise pollution, reduce the amount of airborne pollutants entering a property from the outside, and also makes a home much more cosy and comfortable.

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Editor’s note: This post was updated in August 2018.

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