Solar power shines bright even in the winter sun

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IF YOU thought the onset of winter means an end to the effectiveness of solar power, then think again.

In fact, solar power represents a 365-day smart solution for homeowners looking to use the sun’s rays for electricity, heating and hot water.

What is more, different types of solar panel means that families can take advantage of a range of year-long options – providing a total home solution.

For example, Solar PV panels, which capture the sun’s energy to create electricity, will continue to work on cloudy days.

However the sun’s power is also used in solar thermal systems, which provides homeowners with hot running water, and solar assisted heat pumps.

A solar assisted heat pump, otherwise known as a thermodynamic solar system, collects atmospheric heat through an aluminium collector, which in turn is used to provide hot water throughout the year.

That means hot running water, 365 days a year, come rain or shine.

It’s a process that can also work as an alternative to gas or oil central heating.

The resounding message is that, even in the winter, you can still make use of the sun.

Remember, sunlight is free so if the ultimate aim is to become as self-sufficient as possible, our range of panels can help you achieve that goal.

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