Here’s what you need to know if you have a biomass heating system

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IF YOU have invested in a renewable heating system, then you’ll need to check if you are affected by recent rule changes.

Earlier this year, the Government announced plans to alter its Domestic Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) and the new guidelines were launched this month.

It means that anybody with a qualifying renewable biomass heating system will have to now make sure they use an approved fuel supplier.

The RHI scheme was introduced in 2014 and generates a quarterly cash payment over seven years for new or existing eligible installations.

These include wood-fuelled boilers, pellet stoves, air source heat pumps and certain solar thermal panels which provide hot water.

The initiative is designed to encourage the uptake of green technology and help meet the Government’s target that 12% of all heating should come from renewable sources by 2020.

The Energy Saving Trust is advising anybody who claims or would like to apply for the RHI, to check that their biomass fuel supplier is registered on the list before entering into any long-term supply contract.

The organisation, which provides independent energy advice, also suggests that people should ask their supplier about individual products. Not allnew fuels sold by suppliers on the list are sustainable because the supplier may provide different types of fuel.

We install air source heat pumps here at Noreus, as a renewable and environmentally-friendly alternative to gas and oil-powered central heating.

There are many benefits to installing a renewable heating system including cutting your household bills and a reduction in carbon emissions – and all of these advantages are recognised by the Government through the introduction of the RHI.

We also welcome the changes. Having a list of approved suppliers is a good idea as it means that our customers know the fuel they are purchasing complies with green standards.

However, we would encourage people to check that their fuel supplier is registered by looking at the Biomass Suppliers List  via the website.

To discover more about  renewable heating systems, request a call back.

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