MPs urged to listen to homeowners’ views on energy efficiency

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Politicians are being asked to listen to the experiences of homeowners who have installed insulation or taken up other energy saving measures as an inquiry gets under way.

A group of MPs is currently considering the Government’s plans to axe two energy efficiency policies and what alternatives, if any, should be put in place when the schemes close.

The Energy and Climate Change Committee will look at the decision to end the Zero Carbon Homes and the Green Deal policies.

Both initiatives were designed to promote greater energy efficiency in new and existing homes across the country, but have suffered from poor take-up.

Now the Committee will investigate what lessons can be learned from previous approaches to promoting energy efficiency and why these have failed to deliver better results.

The group will also examine the UK’s carbon reduction performance compared with other countries.

Our view is that this inquiry represents a real opportunity for the Government to look at ways to promote better energy efficiency measures in the future.

For example, people may have had poor experiences of old-style insulation which used rock wool or polystyrene beads in lofts and external walls.

If you’re one of the homeowners who have suffered from damp, condensation or mould after having insulation in your home, then you should write to your MP.

Here at Noreus, we use spray foam insulation which provides greater sealing capability than other types of insulation materials that leave tiny imperfections and gaps.

We would like the Committee to seize the chance to highlight longstanding issues with older insulation materials and promote higher-quality, more energy-efficient spray foam insulation techniques instead.

Other countries have seen a significant uptake of spray foam insulation, so it would be great if we could recognise the benefits here and follow their example.

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