Why the renewable ‘home of the future’ is becoming a reality in 2016

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THINK high-tech homes are the stuff of science fiction? Then you’d better think again.

Houses that are completely self-sufficient and run only on renewable sources of energy are becoming more commonplace.

That is because renewable technology has advanced to such an extent that it is more accessible, sought-after and affordable than ever before.

As we begin 2016, the team at Noreus is predicting that more people will want to discover ways to help them to live a green lifestyle and cut their carbon footprint.

You only have to look at the increasing popularity of solar panels which provide electricity or central heating. Once the preserve of the few, solar panels are now a frequent sight – not least because the price of installation has fallen dramatically.

So even though the Government has cut the Feed-in-Tariff for rooftop solar panels, the public recognises that this environmentally-friendly choice still makes sense – especially if you’re the sort of person who likes the idea of clean energy and freedom from the demands of the ‘Big Six’ companies.

So what else might feature in our so-called house of the future?

Well, what about a battery to store excess solar power generated during sunlight hours?

Or a green alternative to gas or oil central heating provided through the installation of a solar assisted heat pump?

Our renewable home of the future would operate on the principle that nothing would go to waste, including the energy we produce.

For example, heat extraction systems would recycle the water from waste pipes to heat the home.

Triple-glazed Argon windows and doors would also keep in warmth and super insulation in roofs and walls would mean greater heat retention.

Smart thermostat controls would allow you to control the temperature in various rooms using a smartphone or tablet.

What is important to realise is that this technology can no longer technically be considered ‘futuristic’.

That is because many renewable solutions are already on the market, proven to work and available to everyone.

Here at Noreus, we are used to helping homeowners at both ends of the spectrum – from those who want to become totally self-sufficient to those who simply want to become more energy efficient by complementing their existing electricity and heating systems.

So if you want to go green in 2016, call us today on 01785 330749 or click here to request a call back.

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