Check your eligibility for renewable heating incentive

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DID you know that renewable heating systems can qualify for extra money under a Government scheme?

The Domestic Renewable Heating Incentive is designed to encourage people to invest in green heating solutions and generates a quarterly payment for seven years.

Eligible heating systems include solar thermal systems, biomass boilers and air source heat pumps.

The first stage in applying for the scheme is to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate.

It is also open to owner-occupiers, private landlords and registered providers of social housing.

However, once you have applied for the scheme (it’s an easy process) to carry on receiving the payments, you must make sure you remain eligible for the duration of the seven years.

Assessors for the scheme have the power to carry out audits to check that the eligibility criteria for the RHI is still being met.

Don’t be alarmed. After all, random audits are only to check that your system is running at the levels required. It is in everyone’s interests that this happens.

In fact more and more people are looking at renewable heating systems as a money saving alternative to traditional central heating.

It’s no surprise. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a four person household with a solar thermal heating system can expect a RHI payment of £335 per year. This figure is in addition to savings on energy bills.

For more information about renewable heating systems, contact us on 0845 474 6641 or request a call back. To discover more about the scheme and to apply, go to the Ofgem website.

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