How to combine home improvements with energy efficiency measures

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NEARLY 90 per cent of homeowners who have completed home improvement measures in the past three years have also made some upgrades to energy efficiency.

What’s more, people who have just moved home are more likely to undertake a major home renovation such as a loft conversion or an extension than any other group.

The figures are revealed in the latest UK Pulse survey, a quarterly report led by the Energy Saving Trust which looks at consumer attitudes towards energy in the home.

Don’t miss out

Families who are thinking about undertaking large-scale house renovations should seize the opportunity to make energy efficiency improvements at the same time.

People who were already making alterations to their properties shouldn’t ‘miss out’ on the chance to boost energy efficiency.

If you already have someone in to make the loft more usable to create some extra space, then it’s no great inconvenience to add in some extra insulation at the same time. This will result in long-term benefits including a more comfortable home and lower household bills.

Maximising potential in your home

Incorporating energy efficiency measures into home improvements means that people are able to maximise the potential of their property, without the need for moving again further down the line.

It’s all about making the very best of what you already have.

For instance, if you’re desperate for a home office or additional storage, converting the garage might be a great solution. However, it’s also sensible to ensure that space is well insulated while you’re at it.

Your newly created space will be warm, comfortable and damp-free. Spray foam insulation is a brilliant choice as it doesn’t absorb moisture like other poor quality insulating materials and stops up to 92 per cent of heat loss.

Noreus can offer a one-stop shop for anyone looking to make home improvements such as a garage conversion or maximising the potential of a loft.

To discover more about insulation call 01782 756995 or click here to request a call back.

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