Make insulation a priority if you want to live in a greener home

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We recently dealt with an enquiry from somebody who was interested in an air source heat pump as an environmentally friendly way of heating their home.

However, even though the property had undergone a programme of renovation fairly recently, it had not been properly insulated.

Therefore, our first port of call was to look at where heat was escaping. We used a thermal heat camera before  advising how best to super insulate the home.

That’s because only when the home is as energy efficient as it can be should you then start looking at renewable heating solutions – otherwise you’ll be losing money.

Here at Noreus, we look at the whole house – we don’t just offer standalone solutions for the sake of it.

And more often than not, the story starts with insulation.

Whatever heat you create, and whatever method you use to create it, needs to be kept within your four walls.

It is possible to retrofit insulation in older properties and therefore very often make a significant improvement to energy efficiency ratings – which is exactly the advice we gave to our customer.

The trick is to use good quality insulation materials such as spray foam, which expands to fill gaps and tiny imperfections for superior sealing.

To ask about insulation solutions for lofts, cavity walls or external walls call 0845 474 6641 or click here.

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