Top tips for beating mould and condensation in the home

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DID YOU know that mould-causing condensation can lead to health problems?

Daily activities such as washing and cooking all release moisture in the air.

Of course, every home creates condensation. However, if this is ignored over time, it can cause a build-up of black mould, which in turn has been linked to breathing and other health issues.

One of the biggest complaints in winter is the accumulation of water around windows.

Why does this happen? When water vapour comes into contact with a cold surface, it creates droplets.

So that’s why your mirrors steam up in the shower or you see condensation on windows first thing in the morning. The problem is worse in winter because a house is so much warmer than outside.

One solution to getting rid of condensation is to always dry clothes outside whenever possible.

Another tip is to keep bathroom and kitchen doors closed, to stop moisture seeping through to the rest of the house.

Ventilation is important, so when the weather warms up it is a good idea to open windows to allow fresh air to circulate.

If you are considering insulation then make sure you think about keeping your house breathable. Here at Noreus, we use superior spray foam insulation materials and heat exchangers to ensure a fresh, clean and warm supply of air throughout the home.

We also install  argon filled windows. These are long-lasting, energy efficient and are proving to be an increasingly popular choice for people who want to replace misted-up windows.

What’s more, they have been shown to be better at combating condensation than air-filled double glazing.

To ask us about any of our products and how we can help you to create a healthier home, call us on  0845 474 6641 or request a call back.

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