What does the Paris climate change deal mean for homeowners?

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WORLD leaders may have reached a historic agreement in Paris, but what does that mean for ordinary homeowners in the UK?

We think the Government should be making people much more aware of the improvements they can make to their own properties.

There are plenty of practical measures that can be taken if you want to cut your carbon footprint.

Of course it is fantastic news to learn that politicians have reached a deal to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels – beating the original target of 2 degrees Celsius.

Now the world’s first global climate agreement has seen 195 countries back a phase-out of fossil fuels and commit to the growth of renewable energy.

It will be interesting to see how our own Government meets these promises. As a nation our energy supplies are still heavily reliant on fossil fuels, and as a long-term strategy, we would hope the Government continues to invest in renewable schemes.

But away from the political arena, what can people do a little closer to home?

If you are a homeowner who has a conventional heating system ultimately sourced from fossil fuels there are ways you can take responsibility right now – and become that little bit greener.

Home improvement measures such as insulation will not only save you money on your household bills, but help you to conserve what heat you do create. You’ll be less likely to need the heating on constantly and won’t need to keep turning the thermostat up either.

Green alternatives to traditional heating systems and production of electricity through solar photovoltaic panels are other ways that homeowners can do their bit to help the environment.

For example, air source heat pumps use heat from outside and transfers it to an indoor unit, where it’s used to generate hot water, which in turn provides central heating and domestic hot water.

After all, tackling climate change isn’t something you should leave in the hands of the politicians.

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