Top tips for creating a healthy home

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CHANGING the shower curtain regularly, taking off shoes when coming into the house and ensuring a property is properly ventilated are just some of the top tips for creating a healthy home.

We’re currently supporting a campaign designed to raise awareness of the importance of indoor air quality.

My Health, My Home, which is supported by experts from the ventilation sector, aims to improve understanding of the damage caused by indoor air pollution.

Poor indoor air quality arises from many sources including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the chemicals contained in many everyday cleaning products, condensation and mould, radon gas and formaldehyde.

Everyone has heard of outdoor pollution caused by traffic emissions but there’s a growing need for people to understand the effects of pollution inside the home too.

It is estimated that around one in five homes suffers from mould and condensation and around 20 million homes around the country wouldn’t meet modern building regulations.

Over time chemicals and pollutants can build up, which can in turn really affect health.

With this in mind, we are advising people to take the following steps for a healthier home:

  • Take advantage of the warmer weather by drying clothes outside or keep the windows open if drying indoors.
  • Change your shower curtain regularly as it will harbour water and create mould if left too long.
  • Ensure your property is properly ventilated by considering a mechanical ventilation system, which ensures a steady supply of fresh, clean air.
  • Remove shoes when entering a property so that pollen and dirt does not spread inside the home.
  • If you notice a deterioration in your health, ask for an indoor air quality test to check for the presence of radon gas, VOCs and other pollutants.

While modern homes are undoubtedly warmer and more airtight than ever before, good ventilation practices have not kept up with these improvements.

That’s why it’s vital to look at ventilation if you’re also thinking about insulation. A good insulation installer should be taking ventilation into account to make sure the air inside a home remains as healthy as possible.

To find out more about indoor air quality testing and insulation, contact Noreus on 0845 474 6641 or click here to request a call back.


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